Interim Finance Director 

The essential service you didn’t even know was available to you 

Interim Finance Director 

The essential service you didn’t even know was available to you 

It’s funny, so many people who come to us didn’t realise that such services (interim Finance Director) existed until shortly before we spoke. 

You might have the same feeling – like you have so many guns pointing at your head you don’t know which way to face. You just know you need help. 
It could be that you have tax compliance issues – repeated late VAT returns or an unfunded corporation tax bill, for instance. 
Your team may be expanding rapidly, and keeping up with all your obligations may be too much. Or you have lost touch with which operations are most profitable and which you need to shut down. 
Perhaps spectacular growth is masking underlying messiness and you have a creeping sense of dread that chaos will catch up with you? 
Or you know that growth is coming and you want to be prepared? 
An interim finance director is the service you have been looking for! 
Backed up where necessary with bookkeeping support, I come in as a calm presence to get on top of the finances and provide forward planning. There is no sense of “taking over”, that is not my style. Rather I am a problem solver who will help deal with any emergencies before laying the tracks for solid, sustainable growth. 

What kind of companies need an interim Finance Director? 

Our service is not for when you are in the FTSE 100. I am of most use when you are growing, you don’t have to be massive to benefit significantly. The interim model means that Invincible is a flexible resource that you can turn on and off as you need. 
Typically when your turnover is upwards of £100,000 you will find Infincible useful, and especially when you start growing a team - this is definitely one of the triggers for financial disorder. 
If you are thinking you already have bookkeeping and accounting covered that’s great, but really it is only about the picture today. At Infincible, I’ll help you design tomorrow. 

How can we work with you? 

What does a flexible service really mean, though? Well, it means whatever you need to successfully grow to the next level. This could be: 
A one-off workshop to build a plan 
A quarterly call to help to translate your numbers and decide next actions 
A monthly Board meeting, to offer suggestions and guidance as you grow 
Work each week to really accelerate your business and help you hit your goals faster. 
Whatever you need, after an initial call with me and, if agreed, exploration, we will tailor the service to suit your requirements and budget. 

A master problem solver for your business 

So what kind of challenges might you come to me at Infincible with? 
They are the big ones for businesses which are growing up fast and need to stay ahead of the curve. They are for when you suddenly feel out of your comfort zone; when you have momentum and resources and need to be sure you don’t squander them; when you need a voice of experience and a steady hand: 
You’d like to get new investment into your business, but you don’t know where to go or how to price it. 
You’d like to sell your business, but don’t know how much it might be worth or how to tell its story. 
You’re spending more and more money on people, systems or processes but you’re not getting the results you deserve. 
Your business feels messy and confused and you’d like calm and order. 
You get unexpected bills, or make late payments and things feel uncertain, maybe even scary! 
Your business is throwing out numbers and you don’t understand them, or the direction they’re going in, or what to do with them. 
You want to hire new people but don’t know the best way to bring them on. 
You want an extra view at the board table. 
You’d like someone to help you mentor and shape your existing finance team… 

Let’s make a plan 

You can give us a call 

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